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Hotel Dieu

Hôtel Dieu

un hôpital flamboyant

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Beaune, city of wines, science & art

Beaune you said ?  

The Hôtel Dieu, its ramparts and capital of Burgundy wines!


It is precisely by walking through the ramparts of the city that we can understand its history and its quality of wine city.


If we make the detour by the old hotel of the dukes (of Burgundy) we can even penetrate there to enter in the heart of the wine subject. 


But even without leaving our round from the ramparts we "fly" over the collegiate church Notre-Dame, whose interior decoration reminds the cathedral Saint-Lazare of Autun (I can accompany you there too if you want...), the belfry, former property of the abbey of Maizières, which sheltered a clock whose weights went down to the second floor, the towers of the old fortress... Without forgetting the courtyards of the private old houses (Hotels particuliers in French).

Along the streets, from houses to private mansions, a whole society passes by; wine merchants and wine trade, artists such as the painter Félix Ziem, inventors and scientists; Jules Marey, one of the fathers of cinema, Gaspard Monge, a French mathematician and founder of the Polytechnic School, and the all Chevrolet family (Louis, Arthur and Gaston), settled in Beaune at the end of the 19th century.


Two hours in Beaune ? Here are some ideas to imagine your stay in Beaune.

Check availabilities on Google calendar down this page for the day of your visit.

1 h 1/2 to 2 h available ?

3 hours well filled

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